brand buildingConsistency is key.

When it comes to your branding, you probably know that being consistent is vital. But how are you actively ensuring that the verbal and visual components of your brand are being used consistently?

That's where a Brand Guide and Brand Playbook come in. A Brand Guide sets the visual standards for your brand including logo, colors and other graphic assets such as iconography. A Brand Playbook sets the verbal standards for your brand such as the bold statement and brand pillars.

Anyone who works on your external and internal marketing materials will be able to use the guide and playbook as a reference. No matter who is creating an asset for your company, it will look and sound the same as all the others.

We often get asked what we include in the Brand Guides and Brand Playbooks for our client. To many going through a rebranding process, it feels like an elusive project with no tangible product. To help show our clients what their brand process will produce, we often send along some samples.

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